If you are planning to get the Best car detailers in christchurch, then following the proper procedure is essential for getting a showroom-quality finish when detailing a car. The showroom, which has all kinds of facilities available using advanced technology, will help you out.

In this blog, we unveil the tried-and-true techniques advised by experts, providing you with valuable insights. Step-by-step instructions to elevate your car detailing are:

Exterior Car Wash

Before cleaning the inside of the car, make sure to clean the outside surface of the car. Wash off any dirt, mud, or other debris that may be attached to your car's exterior first. You can use mild soap and a delicate cloth while cleaning to avoid scratching or ruining the paint finish.

After that, you can dry yourself with clean water and dry off the remaining water with a microfiber towel and chamois.

Vacuum Out Debris

Once the car is washed outside, it's time to move into the interior car detailing Christchurch to clean the car. You can start by vacuuming out the dirt or debris that has been collected between the seat and under the seat of the car.

 Use the proper attachment of a vacuum for hard-to-reach places like between door panels and cup holders. In between the processes, remember to empty and change the vacuum bag as required during the process.

Cleaning The Interior Surface

After all the visible dirt is removed from inside the cabin of the car, it is time to use interior cleaning products. Avoid using this harsh chemical that could damage the surface of leather if it is used frequently enough. 

Spray each surface one time until completely covered before wiping down with a cloth or towel until dry.

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Update The Insurance Policy

Remember that regular maintenance of your vehicle can help keep your insurance premium low too. Many insurance companies offer a discount for drivers who keep their cars clean and well-maintained, which includes regular appointments when required. 

So be sure to update the policy of insurance for each session in case you can qualify for some savings.

Apply The Sealant Or Wax

After thorough inside and outside cleaning of the vehicle, you can finish the process with wax or sealant, depending on the type of product best suited for your specific model. This will protect your paint job and also elevate the shine while adding protection against future dirt build-up too.

Once you have applied the wax, let the product sit according to instructions before busting out any excuses that are left behind.


In conclusion, expert car detailing Christchurch strongly emphasises the importance of a meticulous and systematic approach to achieving outstanding results. The correct method begins with a thorough cleaning and decontamination process, followed by careful paint correction, polishing, and protection.

Attention to detail in interior cleaning, including upholstery and dashboard care, is equally vital. Experts also stress the significance of using high-quality products and tools, combined with proper techniques. Such as hand washing, gentle buffing, and precise application of sealants and waxes.

By adhering to these expert-recommended methods, car enthusiasts can unlock the full potential of their vehicles. Also, restore the beauty and maintain a level of excellence that stands the test of time with an expert.

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